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Take Action

There is always something you can do to end violence in the home, whether it be yours or an acquaintance's! Educating yourself, your family, your children, your friends, and neighbors could save a life. Remember there is always help available, and that you are never alone! Following these links will help prepare you for taking appropriate action that could save lives!

Get involved in the community!

Hold a seminar
June N Jenkins is more than happy to come speak with women to help educate people in our community about the dangers of domestic violence. Whether it be at school, at church, or at a youth gathering, our staff is committed to having everyone, young and old, informed and prepared to protect themselves and others.


June N Jenkins is always grateful to have people volunteer in the shelter! Keep in mind a background check from the Sheriff's Office must be completed and turned in before a volunteer is permitted to do any work in the shelter.


June N Jenkins is a nonprofit organization, therefore we depend on the generosity of our community to be able to provide the battered members of our community with safe and comfortable housing in times of need. If you would like to donate, please follow the link below, or call us at (337)462-6504 to see how else you could contribute! 

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