Understanding DV

What do you picture when someone mentions "domestic abuse"? Most people would answer with signs of physical violence, things like bruises, broken bones, and other visible injuries. But domestic abuse comes in many different forms, many of which are actually invisible.

In most cases, abuse is controlling. If your partner uses any if the following tactics to control you, you may be in an abusive relationship. Call us at 337-462-6504 or 337-462-6509 or the national hotline at 1-888-411-1333 with any questions. We can help you gauge if your relationship is abusive, and give you resources to help.


  • is telling you that you're stupid

  • is telling you that you can't take care of yourself or your children without him or her

  • is telling you that no one would love you if her or she were to leave

  • incessant teasing

  • manipulating you, such as guilting you into doing things

  • blaming you

  • tracking you

  • threatening you

  • excessive jealousy


  • name-calling

  • putting you down

  • insulting you

  • yelling at you

  • swearing at you

  • being condescending

  • body shaming you


  • is the most noticeable form of abuse

  • hitting, kicking, punching, or shoving​

  • choking

  • restraining

  • destruction of property is also common

  • using weapons to harm you

  • throwing things at you

  • other things that put you in danger, including:

    • reckless driving

    • locking you out


  • is being forced to have sex with your partner

  • is being made to do things during sex that make you uncomfortable

  • threatening to have an affair/having a affair

  • comparing you to other sexual partners

  • criticizing your body sexually


  • threatening to harm children

  • using children as leverage

  • using children to control you​


  • using culture to excuse behavior

  • judging your culture

  • using language barriers to silence you​


  • withholding money

  • getting access to your money without your consent

  • opening accounts in your name without your consent

  • requiring records of everything you spent

  • creating debt you didn't know about or agree to


  • saying you're crazy​

  • saying you're overreacting

  • shaming your preferences

  • devaluing you and your opinions or beliefs


  • gaslighting​

  • threatening to commit suicide or self-harm

  • threatening to kill you

  • controlling your eating habits



  • destroying property​

  • harming pets or threatening to harm pets

  • selling items without your consent


  • isolating you from friends or family​

  • keeping you at home

  • restricting your social media access or usage

  • controlling your freedom to work/get an education


  • using scripture to excuse behavior

  • manipulate you or silence you

  • refusing to get counseling or controlling your access to get counseling


  • Withholding contraceptives

  • Refusing to use contraceptives

  • Lying about contraceptives usage

  • Knowingly impregnating against your will

  • Entrapment through pregnancy

Why do abusers abuse?

These are not excuses or justifications for this behavior!

This is simply to help you understand why this is happening. Remember that you cannot change this behavior!

You can only understand why it happens.

Only a professional can change this behavior, and only if the person WISHES to change!

Anger Management Issues


Low Self-Esteem

Feeling Interior

Cultural Beliefs that they have the right to control their partners

Personality Disorder/Psychological Disorders

Learned behavior/Personal history of being a victim

Alcohol and drugs 

Love should not hurt.

If you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship, please contact us!

You are not alone. We can help!

Email: junenjenkins@outlook.com

Phone: 337-462-6504


National : 337-462-6504

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